VSD Logo

Color Palette

VSD Blue Color chip VSD Light Gray color chip VSD Slogan Dark Gray color chip

Pantone Geo Coated: 86-4-4 C
(Close Match Pantone Coated: 302 C)
RGB: 0, 64, 102
HTML: #004066
CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63

Pantone Coated: Cool Gray 4 C
RGB: 188, 189, 188,
CMYK: 12, 7, 6, 17

Pantone Coated: Cool Gray 11 C
RGB: 77, 79, 83
HTML: #4D4F53
CMYK: 48, 36, 24, 66

Logo Usage

Light or White Backgrounds

The logo has a transparent background. White is not part of the logo.

Showing the transparent part of the logo

Dark Backgrounds

If the Logo is to appear on a dark background (example: black or dark blue) then the entire logo should appear white.

Showing the proper use of the logo on dark backgrounds

Slogan Optional

Showing that the slogan is optoinal